Pretzel kisses 

   These things are PERFECT for a little add on to someone’s gift or just something to snack on at a Christmas party. I love that they are bite sized and I love sweet and salty so these are perfect for that. Aaaand they’re super easy and quick in case you’re last minute in a … More Pretzel kisses 

Cake batter truffles

   These things are soooo good (and pretty cute as well). I brought some to my friends for their birthdays, and they even said that it could be something from Starbucks. The cake batter in the middle is very rich and dense, but you can’t have too much sweet, right? Also unlike many other truffles … More Cake batter truffles

Bubble tea

I’m just going to take a moment to share my latest trip to the Asian market. I only got two things but I love trying new and exotic foods. Hope you enjoy 🙂    Bubble (or boba) tea This stuff is the new “thing” in California but where I live I only know a couple … More Bubble tea

Chia Seed Pudding

Though the title of this may weird you out, keep reading. Chia seeds are the latest found superfood for all the nutrients it gives you in only a few calories. When soaked in liquids (water, milk, etc) it is also known to absorb it and turn into a gelatinous consistency. Because of this, you can … More Chia Seed Pudding