5 Baking hacks for everyone

Though I love baking, it can end up being really messy and inconvenient. Hopefully these hacks will help you guys (as well as me) make that perfect sweet we love. 

*some of these are my own I’ve heard or found but most are from Pinterest (a little shameless self promo – you should go follow me) 

1. Piping bags– no piping bags left or all of them have busted? Just put icing into a plastic baggy and snip the end of to have a super quick and easy way to pipe that came in a hurry

    2. Mixing splatter– avoid this by attaching a plate above the beaters before mixing     

      photo credits: skinnymom.com

      3. Healthier alternatives– instead of one cup of sugar, use one cup of apple sauce. This works best in cakes, breads, etc and will reduce calories. 

      4. No frosting?– for the last few minutes in the oven, place marshmallow on top of cupcake and let melt into a gooey icing  

      photo credits: Buzzfeed
      5. Keep food soft– add piece of bread into the container of cookies, cake, etc. it will keep the food softer longer

      Please tell me if you like hearing baking tips or not. Thanks! 🙂


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