Be thankful challenge

Ok ok ok I know that this is not baking and it’s way past thanksgiving buttttt I really wanted to do this challenge. I feel like we (me being included) don’t give thanks for what we have any day besides thanksgiving. I have lately been trying to remember to be more thankful with what I do have, and this challenge goes along with that. And I know that this sounds really cheesy and cliché but I actually do mean it. (By the way I did not follow what the cover picture said to do. I kinda did my spin of it so I hope you still like it:))

  1. Friends, family, etc: ok this is pretty basic so I’m saying these first. Everyone would not be able to function with out at least one person in their life and I’m lucky enough to have so many people I can go to. I truly would not know what to do without them and will be forever thankful for them. 
  2. Freedom: With all the news lately about death and terrorism, I have lately been thankful for the comfort in knowing that I am somewhere safe. We still have our freedom of religion, which I’m reminded I take for granted while people in other places are dying for what they believe. 
  3. God: On the topic of religion, I have to mention that I am thankful for God. He died for me so I can live and without him there would be no point to my life. All I do: this blog, how I respond to people, etc is to honor God and show his love through me. 
  4. The small moments: I feel like I’m always looking so far ahead that I forget to just enjoy the now. A birthday party to a happy move to even a really good Starbucks drink are just I few things that I feel like happen, but I never slow down to fully appreciate. As that famous quote goes, “don’t wish your life away.”
  5. And so much more. I have so much I couldn’t possibly mention them all, but I tried. 

I challenge anyone reading this to do it. Start a blog and do it. I challenge you. 

I feel like this has gotten way to deep but as I’m typing this I’m also teaching myself a lesson in this as I’m writing it so thanks 🙂 

Comment what you are thankful for. 

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Thanks for reading this and hope you liked it 🙂


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